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POGO / Caracal /97cm /Longboard
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POGO / Caracal /97cm
POGO / Caracal /97cm POGO / Caracal /97cm POGO / Caracal /97cm POGO / Caracal /97cm
POGO / Caracal /97cm  
Griptape:Griptape included with deck
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POGO Caracal 97

The Caracal is the board for all advanced riders who want to add new elements to their fast riding style. The elaborate board features define a board bound to push your limits.
The stable yet light construction guarantees maximum performance and smoothness at higher speeds. The pronounced kicktail and the all around urethane protection are great features when it comes to spicing up your bag of tricks. The slick wheel flares, the distinct concave and the continous rocker offer you an excellent board feel. Just let yourself go with this board and feel how former categories like downhill, sliding, skateboarding, freeriding and whatever will just blend into one hell of a fast and fun ride.

- Deep concave
- Continuous rocker with a small nose kick and  a proper kicktail
- All around urethane impact protection
- Titanal stringers
- Elaborate wheel flares
- Multiple wheelbase options
- Simple and classic design
- Heavy duty light weight construction

Length: 97 cm
Width: 255 mm
Wheelbase: 600-640 mm
Gewicht Deck: 1.9 kg
Concave: 15 mm
Tail Lift: yes
Ideal Rider Weight: 55-95+kg


Deck only!!!

Pogo Longboards are built since 1983 in the mountains of Loewenstein in southern Germany. The Pogo Longboards are handcrafted with high developed snowboard technology. Down this road there have been great inventions like the Pogo DropUp-Raceplates or the Pogo Brake for Longboards. Top quality materials like Kevlar, Titan-Aluminium and standing snowboard-wood-cores are always used in the special low heat compound production technique. This way of manufacturing makes the difference and is what you can really feel under your toes when you´re riding a Pogo Board! All the small-number series are made with a custom design. The abalone inlays in the real wood veneers are always an eye-catcher. And by the way, all Pogo Titanal Longboards come with a lifelong repair service – that means a Pogo Longboard is for a lifetime! Check for more details on www.pogo.biz
Технические условия
Длина деки
97 см
ФормаКласический лонгборд
Комплект поставкиДека без навески (Setup), в комплект входит шкурка (Griptape)
Free Ride
Даунхил (Downhill)
Ширина деки
25.5 см
Дека-колесная база (внутреннее отверстие)
60 - 64 см
Ниши колес/Вырезы (Wheelwells/Cutouts)Ниши колес (Wheelwells)
Ширина деки у передней подвески (truck)
23 см
Ширина деки у задней подвески (truck)
22.5 см
Загиб носа (Noselift)Да
Загиб хвоста (Taillift)Да
Контур носаХвост (Pin)
Контур хвостаЗакругленный
СужениеС круглым корпусом
ПрофильКонкейв (Concave)
Высота сечения
15 мм
Вид сбокуотрицательный камбер (Camber) – рокер (Rocker)
Схема расположения посадочных отверстий на декеСтарая школа (Oldskool) (длинный: 63 x 41,5 мм)
Крепление дека-подвеска
Верхняя установка (стандартная установка)
Гибкость (Flex)
МатериалВертикальная ступица+Кевлар+Титанал
Рисунок днища декиДерево+принт логотипа
Тип шкуркиСтандартное сплошное покрытие
Шкурка (Griptape) входит в комплектДа
Цвет шкурки
Вес райдераНе ограничен кг
Вес изделия в кг
1.90 кг
Упаковочная единица1 шт.
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