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POGO / Fox /83cm /Longboard
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POGO / Fox /83cm
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POGO / Fox /83cm POGO / Fox /83cm POGO / Fox /83cm POGO / Fox /83cm
POGO / Fox /83cm POGO / Fox /83cm  
Deck:POGO / Fox /83cm [Design: Nature]
Griptape:Griptape included with deck
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POGO Fox 83cm 

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The Fox is a shorter ultra lightweight board always ready to do whatever you want it to. 
Just cruising, carving around on the way to catch the tram in the city, ripping a skate bowl or making some fast slides. 
Pull your moves with easy elegance.

Don't be mistaken by the simple and classic look, the charm of this board is defined by quite some technical highlights. 
A forceful conversion of lightweight technology, with a vertically laminated lightweight woodcore and a carbon top and bottom sheet, 
in combination with an all around polyurethane protection, create a board easy to carry, agile to steer and resistant against all kind of impacts. 
To sum this all up, as the Fox is ultra light and versatile, this is the board you never want to travel without from now on.

-Gentle concave
-Flat profile with a small nose kick and a smartly shaped kicktail
-All around urethane impact protection
-Adjustable wheelbase
-Real canadian hard rock maple veneer
-Heavy duty light weight construction



Deck only!!!

Pogo Longboards are built since 1983 in the mountains of Loewenstein in southern Germany. The Pogo Longboards are handcrafted with high developed snowboard technology. Down this road there have been great inventions like the Pogo DropUp-Raceplates or the Pogo Brake for Longboards. Top quality materials like Kevlar, Titan-Aluminium and standing snowboard-wood-cores are always used in the special low heat compound production technique. This way of manufacturing makes the difference and is what you can really feel under your toes when you´re riding a Pogo Board! All the small-number series are made with a custom design. The abalone inlays in the real wood veneers are always an eye-catcher. And by the way, all Pogo Titanal Longboards come with a lifelong repair service – that means a Pogo Longboard is for a lifetime! Check for more details on www.pogo.biz
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Especificações Técnicas
Comprimento do Deck
83 cm
âmbito da entregaPlataforma sem configuração, Griptape incluída
Utilização especial
Mini Cruiser
Largura do Deck
22.5 cm
Deck-distância base entre eixos (orifício interior)
44-48 cm
Wheelwells/CutoutsFuros para rodas
Largura do Deck no truck dianteiro
21 cm
Largura do Deck no truck traseiro
22 cm
Espessura do Deck no truck frontal
8 mm
Espessura do Deck no truck traseiro
8 mm
Exterior do NosePino Redondo
Exterior do TailRedondo
Linha da Cintacorpo arredondado
Secção TransversalCôncavo
Profundidade transsecção
10 mm
Padrão orifício do DeckNewskool e Oldskool
Montagem Deck-truck
Topmount (montagem convencional)
Deck-Design de BaseFolha de madeira
Estilo GriptapeSuperfície fita padrão
Griptape incluídaSim
Griptape Cor
Kg do peso do produto
1.0 kg
Produzido em:
Unidade embalagem1 Peça
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